2017 Bountiful Holiday Basket

The four women below are currently receiving treatment for breast cancer and were nominated by their social workers to receive a Bountiful Holiday Basket prepared by Sisters R Us. A heartfelt "   Thank you" to GIANT FOOD STORE for being a sponsor, providing each with a $50.00 gift card.


2016 Bountiful Holiday Basket

2016 Bountiful Holiday Basket
Meet Ms. Imani. She is a PINK WARRIOR whose smile is Infectious! She was the 2016 recipient of a Sisters R Us Bountiful Basket. A heartfelt "Thanks" to Browns Shoprite for providing the turkey.

Socks for Survivors

Socks for Survivors

The Socks for Survivors  Campaign was implemented to encourage patients being treated for breast cancer. To date over 1000 sock packages have prepared and donated to four hospitals. Each package contains a new pair of socks and other items the patient can use at the treatment site or at home.

Consider conducting a sock drive at your workplace, church, school or with your community organization. With your help Sisters R Us Circle of Survivors can reach our goal of distributing 5000 sock packages to women being treated for Breast Cancer.

The items that are normally inserted into each sock package are listed below.

1. Pocket size tissues
2. Pocket size Hand sanitizer or hand wipes
3. Lip balm
4. Small writing pads
5. Ink Pens

Once the drive is completed, Sisters R Us Circle of Survivors will arrange for someone to pick the items up.

Pampering Day Project

Pampering Day Project

The Pampering Day Project is designed to give women in active treatment or living with a diagnosis of  Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer a day of pampering so she can focus on something other than treatment.

Women/Men can be nominated by their medical team (oncologist, social worker or nurse navigator) to receive an individualized pampering day in between treatment.

Please review the Downloadable form under the FORMS tab

Sister H.U.G.S

Sister H.U.G.S

Are you newly diagnosed with Breast Cancer? Feeling overwhelmed? We Understand and are here for you.

Sister H.U.G.S is a supportive program that connects women who are newly diagnosed with Stage 0-4 Breast Cancer to a Survivor to receive one-on-one support.

We offer
H – Helpful
U – Understanding
G – Guidance  and
S - Support

Our Sister HUGGERS
Breast Cancer Survivors - Ages 38-76

Reach out and let a Sister HUGGER hold your hand.